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The Aquadart range balances between sharp design and luxurious home comforts, a blend of style and functionality.

The Aquadart range was created from a passion to bring the latest premium designs to you along with uncompromising levels of detail, quality and service.

Our Niagara tap & shower ranges combine effortless style with exceptional design details and functionality.

Explore our distinct variations of contemporary and traditional styles guaranteed to suit your bathroom space.

Elation combines strong aesthetics with enviable levels of quality and choice.

Our furniture collections offer a range of styles and product options to ensure you find the perfect fit to suit both your style and space.

April offers a stunning range of premium contemporary and traditionally styled freestanding baths.

An elegant centrepiece for any bathroom ensuring a relaxing bathing experience.

Tre Mercati brand is part of the Aquadart Bathrooms brand portfolio. Offering premium products and classic designs for the kitchen whilst delivering outstanding quality, robust materials and engineering excellence.